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Nazca III Fund: Promoting Venture Capital Regionalization Strategies
The objective of the Nazca III fund is to invest in innovative technology-based companies that seek to solve the region's most pressing challenges and disrupt highly inefficient industries. Since its inception, Nazca has been offering entrepreneurs capital in various early stages, access to a high-impact local and global network, market intelligence, support in the formulation of business strategies, legal and regulatory advice, talent search and access to high-quality alliances. Its results in terms of returns are above 95% of the global pairs of the same vintage.

Project Detail



Project Number


Approval Date

October 22, 2021

Project Status


Project Type






Lending Instrument

Instrumento del Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones

Lending Instrument Code




Facility Type


Environmental Classification

Uncategorized Directive B.13

Total Cost

USD 150,000,000.00

Country Counterpart Financing

USD 146,000,000.00

Original Amount Approved

USD 4,000,000.00

Financial Information
Operation Number Lending Type Reporting Currency Reporting Date Signed Date Fund Financial Instrument
EQU/MS-18909-RG Non-Sovereign Guaranteed USD - United States Dollar MIF-Small Enterprise Investment Fund Equity Financing
Operation Number EQU/MS-18909-RG
  • Lending Type: Non-Sovereign Guaranteed
  • Reporting Currency: USD - United States Dollar
  • Reporting Date:
  • Signed Date:
  • Fund: MIF-Small Enterprise Investment Fund
  • Financial Instrument: Equity Financing

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Other Documents
IDEATE 2022-03-17 Public Summary 1060 RG-Q0085.pdf
Mar. 18, 2022
Implementation Phase
Donors Memorandum
RG-Q0085 Executive Summary.pdf
Mar. 18, 2022
Donors Memorandum
RG-Q0085 Resumen Ejecutivo.pdf
Mar. 18, 2022

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