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ES-T1258 : Towards Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) for Private Energy Efficiency Investments by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Project Status: Approved

The main objective of this technical cooperation is to support the design of the operation ES-L1132 by addressing technical and informational barriers and other real or perceived risks that have prevented the supply of and the demand for financing for EE investment projects. In particular, it will support the design of: (i) specific operational instruments, mechanisms and systems that would not only make viable the implementation of the financing strategy for energy efficiency projects for El Salvador's firms , but would also reassure relevant market players that the risks that they are assuming are acceptable; (ii) specific risk transfer instruments that could encourage the participation of key market players (e.g. Industry associations and firms, energy efficiency service providers, technology providers, local financial intermediaries, insurance companies, etc.) in the program; (iii) methodological approaches and protocols to monitor and validate results / benefits of the financing line (i.e. reduction of energy use and GHG emission reductions); and (iv) technical support on EE to BANDESAL for the detailed design of the financing strategy, the coordination of relevant stakeholders and the dissemination and promotion of the program.

Project Detail

Project Number
Project Country
El Salvador
Project Sector
Project Subsector
Project Type
Technical Cooperation
Environmental and social impact category
Project Status

Project Information

Total Cost
USD 1,924,000
Country counterpart financing
USD 224,000