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BR-T1198 : Portable Light Project Brazil

Project Status: Completed

The main objectives of the project are to: (i) provide portable, low cost renewable energy source and light to people in areas that are not connected to the grid; (ii) facilitate connectivity though the Portable Light¿s capability to charge cell phones in remote or isolated areas; (ii) increase local knowledge about the benefits of clean energy technologies and renewable lighting to selected under-served families; (iii) to develop economically viable models for portable solar power to support sustainable activities; and (iv) to test and evaluate the impacts and benefits of the Portable Light technology in the pilot area in order to prepare the ground for mass-production and distribution of this technology in remote communities in Brazil and potentially in other countries of the Latin America and Caribbean Region, as anticipated in an envisioned Phase II.

Project Detail

Project Number
Approval date
March 03, 2011
Project Country
Project Sector
Project Subsector
Project Type
Technical Cooperation
Environmental and social impact category
Project Status

Project Information

Total Cost
USD 392,605
Country counterpart financing
USD 129,948
Ordinary Capital