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BL-T1105 : Innovation in the solid waste management sector in Belize

Project Status: Preparation

The objective of this operation is to improve solid waste management in Belize by reducing municipal solid waste generation, transport and final disposal and contributing to the expansion of coverage of municipal solid waste management to rural areas. The specific objectives of the TC are: i) implement a pilot project in tourist areas to promote source separation, composting, reuse and recycling, ii) developing policy changes for the reduction in the generation of solid waste including draft legislation to facilitate source separation at the household, commerce and industrial level, and iii) design of a system to facilitate solid waste collection and transport in rural villages for final disposal in the Mile 24 regional sanitary landfill as well as designs for route optimization in urban areas. Belize has successfully implemented a solid waste management scheme through which municipal solid waste disposal in major urban areas is safely transported and disposed in a sanitary landfill located in Central Belize (Mile 24 of the George Price Highway). Belize is now looking at promoting reduction in waste generation and increase reuse and recycling to reduce the costs of the scheme and to protect the environment. Of special interest is reducing the amount of municipal solid waste generated in tourist areas such as the islands of San Pedro and Caye Caulker to reduce the high cost of barging municipal solid waste to the mainland for safe disposal at the regional sanitary landfill.

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