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BA-T1082 : Support for the Design of Carbon Neutral Strategies in the Context of Energy Transition in Barbados

Project Status: Preparation

The general objective of this Technical Cooperation (TC) is to assist the Government of Barbados in transitioning its energy sector to achieve its goals by financing a wide range of studies and activities directly linked to energy planning and implementation plan of the Barbados National Energy Policy 2019-2030 (BNEP). The specific objectives are: (i) provide the Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MESBE) with energy planning analytical tools to strengthen decision-making processes and effectively update the IRRP on annual basis; (ii) to support the implementation of the BNEP by designing the required policies and regulatory frameworks that enable the deployment of innovative technologies and approaches; and (iii) to promote knowledge appropriation and strengthen institutional capacity on energy planning tools by focusing on integrated and optimal deployment strategies, training, and dissemination activities. The work will also support the annual update of the Integrated Resource and Resilience Plan (IRRP) which is a key document in the NDC review and ambition increase, as it will significantly enhance the technical and institutional capacity of the Ministry of Energy, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship (MESBE) on energy planning and modelling, and will therefore, unlock the deployment of electromobility and new technologies such as BESS, ocean energy technologies, and more specifically offshore wind which is a very innovative and promising area for decarbonization and investment in Barbados. Other innovative technologies such as V2G (vehicle to grid) and meter digitization will be promoted, in order to introduce Barbados to the paradigm shift that is taking place in electrical systems at an international level where users have the ability to inject electricity into the grid with a proper compensation. This is relevant to democratize the electricity grid and provide greater security and resilience, considering Barbados' plans to massively introduce variable energy sources into its system. Finally, one of the key elements of this TC is to enhance energy planning, data collection and modeling. This would directly enhance the efforts currently underway for the NDC updating, the consolidation of key sector data relevant for climate change efforts (both mitigation and adaptation strategies), and promote the Build Forward Vision as it would enhance the country's ability to design and implement sustainable and resilient development pathways.

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Technical Cooperation
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USD 400,000
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USD 400,000

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