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AR-T1274 : Support for the preparation of public investments for the reactivation of the agri-food sector in Argentina

Project Status: Preparation

This Technical Cooperation (TC) has the general objective of supporting the Argentine government for the preparation of investments linked to food chains, in the areas of technological modernization, productivity improvement, environmental sustainability, responses to climate change, international trade and use natural resource strategy. The TC is aligned with the 2025 Vision of the IDB Group as it is the reactivation of the agricultural sector for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, in a country like Argentina where the sector contributes considerably to GDP and exports, in addition to playing a fundamental role for the environmental sustainability. The TC is consistent with the Second Update of the Institutional Strategy 2020-2023 (AB-3190-2), since it is aligned with the challenge of developing productivity and innovation, through support for the productive and sustainable development of the agricultural sector, and with the cross-cutting theme of climate change and environmental sustainability, through the key focus on climate change mitigation and the promotion of environmentally sustainable production throughout the sector. The TC is also consistent with the IDB Group Strategy with Argentina 2021-2023 (GN-3051), since it contributes to the second strategic pillar of economic recovery.

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Technical Cooperation
Environmental and social impact category
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Total Cost
USD 300,000
Country counterpart financing
USD 300,000

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