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Integrated Irrigation Management Strategy

The technical cooperation will carry out the following activities. 1. Description of irrigation water management, including: 1.1 Provincial irrigation area analysis, considering: i) public and private irrigation systems, water supply and demand evaluation for surface and underground systems, water balances, y directory plans for water resources; ii) productive capacity analysis for the irrigation areas and their potential economic development, technical assistance schedule, production transformation enablers and market access; business plans for irrigation areas; iii) evaluation of the main environmental issues regarding the development of irrigation areas and its control mechanisms. 1.2 Review the legislation concerning irrigation water: analyze provincial legislature, including the impact on irrigation system development, opening of new areas, user conflict resolution mechanisms, resource allocation mechanisms, and private sector investment incentives. 1.3 Institutional and user organizations evaluation: including i) analysis of federal and provincial institutions responsible for irrigation and coordination among other water uses, all within the basin framework; ii) organizations of irrigation users, strengthening needs and coordination among different levels; iii) analysis of the human resources for operation and maintenance, management, and research; iv) evaluation of cost recovery mechanisms, establishment of tariffs and development of water markets in order to promote a more efficient resource use. 2. Creation of an integrated irrigation management strategy: this strategy will provide a consensual guideline for legal, institutional, organizational, technical, economical, and environmental aspects, that will guide the behavior and investments in the irrigation areas. Financing will be provided for proposals and workshops that help formulate the strategy. 3. Expected results: i) A document that describes the irrigation sector and includes an analysis of irrigation areas by province, a review and analysis of the legal framework at the federal and provincial level, an institutional evaluation at the federal and provincial level, and an evaluation of the provincial user organizations. ii) An integrated irrigation management strategy with consensual guidelines among public and private participants regarding legal, institutional, organizational, technical, economical, and environmental issues that will guide the behavior and investments in the sector. An action and strategy implementation plan will also be included, containing activities, budget and schedule.

Project Detail



Project Number


Approval Date

March 27, 2007

Project Status


Project Type

Technical Cooperation





Lending Instrument


Lending Instrument Code




Facility Type


Environmental Classification


Total Cost

USD 178,000.00

Country Counterpart Financing

USD 30,000.00

Original Amount Approved

USD 148,000.00

Financial Information
Operation Number Lending Type Reporting Currency Reporting Date Signed Date Fund Financial Instrument
ATN/WP-10332-AR Sovereign Guaranteed USD - United States Dollar IDB - Netherlands Water Partnership Prog Nonreimbursable
Operation Number ATN/WP-10332-AR
  • Lending Type: Sovereign Guaranteed
  • Reporting Currency: USD - United States Dollar
  • Reporting Date:
  • Signed Date:
  • Fund: IDB - Netherlands Water Partnership Prog
  • Financial Instrument: Nonreimbursable

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Preparation Phase
TC Brief
FULL DOC - Estrategia Manejo Integrado del Agua para Riego en Argentina - AR-T1025 [942863].PDF
Dec. 31, 1999

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