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XCALA, IDB Lab and ConnectAmericas launch Venture Academy to train entrepreneurs

The Inter-American Development Bank, through the IDB Lab and ConnectAmericas, has joined forces with the Latin American Angel Investment Association (XCALA) to launch Venture Academy, a virtual and live training program on issues of entrepreneurship and capital raising for technology-based startups, small and medium-sized companies, and investors in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through the Venture Academy, IDB Lab, ConnectAmericas and XCALA seek to strengthen the knowledge of entrepreneurs in the region about the options and conditions for raising capital and developing new business, topics that are particularly critical in the current economic situation.

The final objective of the program is to improve the conditions of access to financing for companies in the region, thus boosting them to their next levels of development.

Venture Academy will be available from April 15 and will feature the participation of top-level international presenters who will develop webinars on specific topics in their areas of expertise. The invitation to the program is open to investors, tech-based startup entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from all sectors, as well as those interested in acquiring knowledge and tools based on entrepreneurship good practices and current trends.

As part of the program, participating startups that have had previous financing rounds and are in search of new capital, will be able to apply to participate in pitch sessions where they will have the opportunity to present themselves to a network of more than 4,000 associated investors.

“Acquiring new knowledge encourages innovation and the development of new business. In the context that we are living, it is key to be creative to give continuity to the promotion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. For this reason, at XCALA, we take this challenge as our own and create Venture Academy”, said Marcelo Roca, Executive Director at XCALA.

For more information, and to register, click here.



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