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What does a trivia game have to do with the IDB?

QuizUp joins forces with the Inter-American Development Bank to promote climate change awareness

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and QuizUp invite you to test your knowledge in climate change related issues with a new trivia topic in one of the world’s fastest growing games. Each round consists of seven timed questions developed by IDB’s in-house specialists.

It is the first time that the Bank uses such a novel learning platform to reach different audiences and achieve, through play, awareness on the challenges in the area of climate change.

With content designed by the IDB; players are able to compete with people around the world, really putting to the test their skills.

The topic features questions on technological innovation, climate policy, energy efficiency, urban transport and water management and sanitation among others.

Quizup also lets you view the current rankings and the latest discussions on climate change. It brings an auspicious mixture of play and learning in times where innovation and development, according to the IDB, should go hand in hand.

"We decided to innovate and use such a famous social trivia game to raise awareness in our member countries about the importance of climate change for the region. We know that these platforms not only teach, but entertain. What better way to make people aware of the climate change challenges our region faces than through such a cross-cutting and platform?, " said Hilen Meirovich IDB specialist.

Feel like playing?

As part of the launch of the climate change topic in the application, the IDB has built a booth with access to QuizUp in the heart of the COP20, the climate change conference to be held in Lima, Peru.

For a chance to play LIVE against COP20 attendees, challenge BIDcambioclima – players might end up playing against select IDB specialists. The conference (and this challenge) runs December 1-12, 2014.

QuizUp is free and can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and android.

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