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Presidents of Paraguay and IDB sign $23.4 million loan to Paraguay to improve preschool and early education

ASUNCION, Paraguay -- The president of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte, Finance Minister Dionisio Borda and the president of the Inter-American Development Bank, Enrique V. Iglesias, today signed documents for a $23.4 million loan to improve preschool and early education and to increase participation in the program by families and communities.

The project will strengthen institutional management and contribute to the design of comprehensive reforms in preschool and early education through the implementation of policies and strategies that primarily target young children who are at social and educational risk. In order to increase educational coverage, quality and equity, the project will take into consideration ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, gender issues and special needs.

Steps will be taken to achieve universal preschool coverage for 5-year-old children, improve the quality of early education, teacher training, curricula and childcare. For children under 4 years old the program will strengthen the educational role of the family and the community.

The program provides for significant participation by parents in several activities, including the construction and maintenance of physical space in the schools and a closer relationship with school authorities.

The Ministry of Education and Culture will be responsible for developing specific policies to improve education for children under 6, as well as an information and social communication system to promote the well-being and protection of minors.

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