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President Moreno visits Chile, reassures support for reconstruction plans in earthquake-affected areas

SANTIAGO DE CHILELuis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Development Bank, visited Chile’s Maule region during a trip organized to review progress in the government’s response to the February 27 earthquake and tsunami, and to reiterate the IDB’s commitment to supporting the reconstruction effort.

Moreno was invited by Chilean planning minister Felipe Kast to visit the comunas of Constitución, Pelluhue and Curanipe in the Maule region. These coastal cities suffered the most severe damage during the disaster.

Kast invited Moreno to visit some of the emergency camps built in the area and to speak with the families who lost their homes due to the catastrophe.

Moreno also visited Chile a few days after the earthquake and was impressed by the resourcefulness of both the authorities and citizens in finding and implementing solutions for the victims.

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