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Officials of Inter-American Development Bank to meet with labor ministers of english speaking Caribbean and Suriname

Officials of the Inter-American Development Bank will meet Feb. 23 in Washington, D.C. with labor ministers from the English speaking countries of the Caribbean and Suriname to exchange ideas on ways to modernize the labor sector, focusing on providing labor market information, skills and productivity, and dispute resolution techniques.

Among the goals of the meeting are to seek ways to help promote a vibrant private sector and greater job opportunities to meet the challenges of increasing globalization.

The IDB officials who will be presenting views on the issues are Paulo Paiva, vice president for planning and administration; Richard Fletcher, a senior advisor for strategic planning; Neville Beharie, chief of operations for the Caribbean countries; and labor specialists Gustavo Marquez and Badrul Haque. Katherine Hewlett-Jobes, chief of external affairs for the Multilateral Investment Fund -an autonomous fund administered by the IDB- will also be making a presentation.

The Caribbean labor ministers are visiting Washington at the invitation of the U.S. Department of Labor for a conference on labor sector issues.

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