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A mission of MICI visit Paraguay

A team from MICI visit Asuncion as part of the process of determining the admissibility of the complaint submitted by a group of shop owners related to the IDB’s financing of a Project for the Modernization of the Metropolitan Public Transport

A delegation of the Independent Mechanism for Consultation and Investigation (MICI) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will conduct a mission to the city of Asunción, Paraguay during the period of July 11 - 13.

The objective of the visit is to meet with the group of shop owners who filed a request with the MICI, in order to gather information related to project " Downtown Redevelopment, Modernization Metropolitan Public Transport, Gov. Offices " (PR-L1044.

This mission falls into the same process MICI follows for all its cases to determine whether a request meets the eligibility criteria to activate the mechanism according to the policy that governs its operations. During this process MICI will impartially analyze the documentation of the case, the request itself, and the information gathered during the mission in order to issue its determination. In this case, the date for the release of the notification on admissibility is July 26, 2016.

This process does not include, in any case, the possibility of suspending the planning, implementations, and disbursements of projects financed by the Group IDB.

For more information regarding the mandate and procedures that govern the MICI please refer to our website.

MICI is the independent office of the IDB Group that responds to requests from people potentially affected by projects financed by the IDB Group and resulting from the non-compliance with the Bank’s operational policies.

For more information about the Complaint and MICI procedures please visit our website: or contact Victoria Marquez-Mees, MICI Director, via email

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