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Latest Approvals

A $1 million IDB grant to help finance the preparation of a public sector reform program that will aim to improve efficiency in government.

A $900,000 loan from the IDBÆs Fund for Special Operations to help improve health and sanitary conditions in Georgetown.

A $26.8 million loan from the IDBÆs Fund for Special Operations to rebuild roads that were damaged by Hurricane Mitch.

A $2 million MIF grant to strengthen nongovernmental organizations in the country.

A $206.5 million IDB loan for an ongoing government public finance sector reform program designed to promote prudence, transparency and accountability of fiscal policy and improve investor confidence.

A $120 million IDB loan to support the first three-year phase of a six-year, $367 million program to improve the quality and coverage of secondary education.

A $40 million IDB ordinary capital loan and a $30 million syndicated loan to Transportador de Gas Mercosur, S.A., to support the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of a 437-km natural gas pipeline in northern Argentina that will supply fuel to a 600-megawatt thermoelectric power plant in Uruguaiana, Brazil.

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