Japan-IDB Scholarship Program will be distributing application forms for 2008-2009 scholarship awards

Throughout March, the Japan-IDB Scholarship Program will be distributing application forms for its Northern Hemisphere Program, targeting those students planning to attend universities located in the North America, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean in September or October.

Interested candidates may obtain applications from IDB headquarters in Washington, D.C., or from country offices, or can download from the program's website. For the Northern Hemisphere Program, the deadline for applications is mid May and selection is early July.

The academic year of the Northern Hemisphere Program is defined to be from September of a given year to August of the following year. Even if an applicant's proposed academic year starts in January, he/she must submit the application form, under the Northern Hemisphere Program, by mid-May of the previous year.   

The Japan-IDB Scholarship Program  consists  of , based on the location of the university of study and its academic calendar. The program award scholarships to students from the Bank's borrowing member countries who wish to pursue a master's degree in development-related fields, such as Social Sciences, Business, Public Administration or other development-related technical disciplines (except law and medicine). The scholarship provides benefits covering the following: university fees, subsistence, installation allowance, book allowance, and travel expenses.

Since the Japan-IDB Scholarship Program was established in 1991, 560 scholarships have been granted to women and men from Latin America and the Caribbean who have now returned to their countries of origin. The selection process is highly competitive since we receive more applications than the number of scholarships that we are able to grant.