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Inter-American Development Bank holds Annual Meeting in Cancún

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will hold its annual meeting in Cancún, Mexico, from March 19 to 23. Top government authorities from the Bank’s 48 member countries, including several finance ministers and central bank chiefs, will attend the official gathering to discuss the Bank’s future operations and development challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean.

Representatives of other multilateral financial institutions, development agencies, and private banks will also attend the gathering. The event marks the 51st annual meeting of the IDB’s Board of Governors, where key decisions about the bank’s future operations are made.

Prior to the board meeting, a series of seminars will discuss the region’s economic future after the global financial crisis and current development challenges such as policies for climate change after Copenhagen and private sector financing.

Members of the press can register to the event and access a preliminary agenda for the gathering at the Annual Meeting’s Website.

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