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IDB’s Moreno calls for greater connectivity in the Americas to foster economic development

Speech during the opening of the CEO Summit in Cartagena, Colombia

CARTAGENA, Colombia - Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno called for greater connectivity in the Americas to support economic and social development.

Speaking to an audience made up of heads of state and top executives of many of the Western Hemisphere’s biggest companies, Moreno said that economic recovery in North America depends in great part in the dynamism and prosperity of the South.

Moreno highlighted opportunities for greater hemispheric integration, including eliminating obstacles to the free circulation of goods and services, improving connectivity of medium-sized cities and towns and the expansion of goods and services aimed at the base of the socio-economic pyramid. He also stressed the important role of the private sector in fostering connectivity throughout the region in terms of investment but also in knowledge and creativity.

Download Moreno’s speech (Spanish only).

About the CEO Summit of the Americas

Heads of state and hundreds of business leaders are participating in the first CEO Summit of the Americas, April 13–14 in Cartagena, Colombia to discuss globalization, infrastructure, human capital and other key economic issues. The scope and level of participation in this conference make it an unprecedented opportunity for a public-private exchange.

The meeting was organized by Colombia’s government and private sector, with technical support from the Inter-American Development Bank.

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