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IDB Youth to hold virtual forum on entrepreneurship during may in preparation for fourth Summit of the Americas

The Inter-American Development Bank will hold a series of virtual forums May 2-27 to promote a wide dialogue on the concerns of young entrepreneurs and the creation of employment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Youth Development and Outreach Program, known as IDB Youth, will host the forum to achieve ample youth participation in the preparation of the workshops for the Young Entrepreneurs of the Americas: Forum for the Participation of Civil Society, meeting that will take place August 10-12 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by the Organization of American States (OAS)in the process of the Summit of the Americas.

The results of the discussions will be summarized and presented by youth moderators and these opinions and recommendations will set the foundations for the workshops of the Young Entrepreneurs of the Americas Forum. The results of these workshops will be presented at the Fourth Summit of the Americas that will take place in Mar de Plata, Argentina on November. The purpose of this process and dialogue is to facilitate youth participation and their direct contribution on the summit topic: “Creating Employment to Confront Poverty and Strengthen Democratic Governance.”.

The IDB will host the virtual forum, in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, in the context of activities organized by the OAS’ Young Americas Business Trust. YABT promotes social and economic development in the Western Hemisphere through programs, projects and activities focused on helping to create and advance efforts to improve the quality of life of youth and young adults, especially those living in poverty.  YABT connects public and private sector organizations through innovative partnerships with young entrepreneurs and the business community, universities and other civil society groups.

IDB Youth has been working since 1995 to more effectively meet the economic and social needs of young people in Latin America and the Caribbean and to promote their active engagement and leadership in the region.

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