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With IDB Support, Argentina Will Strengthen the Educational Trajectories of Students

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $150 million loan to strengthen the educational trajectories of children and young people in the Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a Results-Based Loan (PBR) that will improve access to educational opportunities and healthy school meals for young people in vulnerable situations who are part of state-managed compulsory public education. It also seeks to strengthen the digital inclusion of secondary-level students from these institutions.

Guaranteeing continuous and complete educational trajectories continues to be one of the leading social challenges in the region, given that young people living in poverty tend to achieve fewer years of schooling. The evidence shows that one of the main structural causes that put the educational trajectories of the most vulnerable at risk are the economic and social aspects linked to the living conditions of students, which affect their physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development, and affect their regular school attendance.

The Province of Buenos Aires, with nearly 38% of compulsory education enrollment in Argentina (4.1 million students between private and state establishments), is the largest educational system in the country and has been implementing a set of actions that seek to respond to this challenge. The program adds to these initiatives and plans to support the start-up of socio-educational and community centers aimed at serving young people between the ages of 4 and 21 from poor neighborhoods with vulnerable educational trajectories.

The $150 million IDB loan has a 3-year disbursement period, a 5.5-year grace period, and an interest rate based on SOFR.

About the IDB

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Planes,Maria Soledad

Planes,Maria Soledad
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