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IDB-OAS call Latin American university professors to participate in electronic course on ethics for development

The Inter-American Development Bank Initiative on Social Capital, Ethics and Development invites Latin America and Caribbean university professors who wish to participate in the electronic course “How to teach ethics, social capital and development at the university” to register before August 31.

The course, which will be in Spanish, is the first initiative of its type in the region and is supported by the governments of Norway and France and the Organization of American States’ Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development. It will begin Sept.21 with a maximum of 200 professors selected from those registered.

“It is necessary to fully reintegrate an ethical dimension to the efforts to foster development, both in thinking and in practice,” said IDB President Enrique V. Iglesias.

The course, based in international progress and recent experience, will include training in curricular design and contents, bibliography, sources of information and pedagogical techniques in the field of ethics.

The IDB has also formed through the Inter-American Initiative on Social Capital, Ethics and Development an ethics and development university network that already has 60 participating institutions.

A qualified team of specialists will coordinate the course that will also consist of electronic forums and advanced methods of electronic work. Those who approve the course will be granted a certificate from the OAS Institute of Studies for the Americas, recognized in all countries in the region.

“Universities could play a key role to give an answer to the thirst of ethics in the region,” said the general coordinator of the IDB Inter-American Initiative, Bernardo Kliksberg.


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