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IDB Issues Poverty Reduction Bonds

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) (rated Moody’s: Aaa / S&P: AAA) and Daiwa Securities Group announce an issuance of the Poverty Reduction Bonds (the “Bonds”) to support poverty alleviation and improve living conditions of new generations in Latin America and the Caribbean. These Bonds are IDB’s first impact investment bonds of 2011 and they will be offered in Japan.

The IDB’s Poverty Reduction Bonds provide an opportunity to Japanese retail investors to contribute to poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IDB is supporting programs to reduce poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank’s programs seek to stop intergenerational poverty by providing economic incentives to lower income families and improving their children’s nutritional and health standards as well as education attainment among other things. About 40 percent of the total lending of the IDB goes to poverty alleviation programs.

In July 2010, the IDB issued its first Poverty Reduction Bonds, raising 279 million reais. Like the first transaction, Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. Ltd., the wholesale securities firm under the Daiwa Securities Group, is managing the current sale and Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., the Group's retail securities firm, will distribute the bonds to Japanese retail investors.

To pursue its commitment to social responsibility, Daiwa Securities Group has been actively involved in the Impact Investment initiative, seeking out investments that achieve social impact while attaining appropriate financial return.

Summary Terms of the Poverty Reduction Bonds



The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)


Brazilian Real (Payable in US Dollar)

Issue Amount

BRL 399 million (USD 237.4 million)


Circa 3 years

Indicative Coupon

7.05% per annum


BRL 10,000

Offering Period

January 20, 2011 ~ January 28, 2011

Delivery of the Notes in Japan

February 2, 2011

Maturity Date

January 23, 2014


About the Inter-American Development Bank

The IDB is the main source of multilateral financing and development expertise for Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB’s main goals are to reduce poverty and inequality and promote sustainable economic development in the region.

The IDB Group is made up of the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF). The IIC focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses, while the MIF promotes private sector growth through grants and investments, with an emphasis on microenterprise.

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