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IDB expresses solidarity and support to paraguay with emergency resources to help victims of tragedy in Asunción

The president of the Inter-American Development Bank, Enrique V. Iglesias, today expressed the institution’s solidarity with the government and people of Paraguay for the tragedy that occurred in Asunción. In a preliminary move, the Bank approved a $50,000 grant to help the victims and support rescue work.

The IDB also put at government disposal resources of an existing primary health reform program to help address the needs of the victims as follows:

  • The provision of 67 emergency equipment sets (volumetric artificial respirators, resucitators, traumatology instruments and other equipment) were delivered to the Medical Emergencies Hospital, the Social Prevision Institute, Burned Persons Hospital and the Juan Max Boetner Institute, the main public hospital centers where the victims are being treated.
  • The delivery of medications that were being stored as part of the existing program.To speed implementation, the Bank flexibilized the coverage criteria established in the original program to include the capital city.
  • If requested, the Bank will consider a further transfer of equipment, human resources and medication from the program to medical centers in the capital.

Rapid utilization of resources –financing and a grant approved by the IDB—make up part of the actions identified and agreed by the Bank with the Paraguayan Government immediately after the tragedy.

The IDB Board of Executive Directors observed today a minute of silence in memory of victims of the tragedy during its weekly meeting at IDB headquarters in Washington, D.C., United States.


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