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IDB approves £1.1 million grant to Honduras to improve capacity to manage social programs

The Inter-American Development Bank today announced the approval of a £1.1 million grant (about $1.6 million) to Honduras to help train a critical mass of social managers who will be better prepared to carry out the country’s poverty reduction strategies.

The resources, provided by Britain’s Department for International Development, will be used over two years to finance four-week training courses in social management for 350 participants, including 100 officials from the central government, 150 from regional and local governments, 50 from civil society leadership, and 50 trainers at the national level.

In addition, 30 university professors will receive a four-week course in social management and social policy design. There will also be regional six-day training workshops for 70 local officials, 25 leaders of civil society, and 25 trainers.

The program, to be carried out by the Technical Support Unit of the Office of the President of Honduras, is designed to contribute to the modernization of social program management by introducing concepts and operational changes in information and evaluation systems and in the implementation of strategies. The training will be organized by the IDB’s Inter-American Institute of Social Development.

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