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IDB Approves $60 million to Support Transparency and Integrity in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic will strengthen transparency, accountability, and integrity in public resources management with a $60 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The operation will promote actions to consolidate transparency and traceability in resource management, strengthen the internal control function, and promote access to information, citizen participation, and integrity in public administration and the private sector.

The program will support transparency measures in public finances based on greater interoperability between the budget, the public investment system, contracting processes, and the internal control ecosystem. Likewise, it will modernize the electronic contracting system, monitoring, follow-up, and evaluation of public investment by designing and implementing a system of final beneficiaries for legal persons and structures in the country.

The Dominican Republic will finance the modernization of the management model and organizational structure of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, which will allow a digital transformation of the "ex ante" control model, as well as a reorganization of the agency’s duties, positions, and necessary staffing and of internal control units.

Likewise, the program will implement an interest conflict management system and develop tools that facilitate citizen participation, complaints management, and protecting whistleblowers of acts of corruption. It will also strengthen the Single Transparency Portal, which will centralize open data and open government portals, and the public information access system with accessibility for people with disabilities, among other activities led by the Office of Government Ethics and Integrity.

The program will finance activities in support of closing gender gaps through implementing strategies and incorporating digital tools that contribute to increasing the percentage of companies led by women that participate in public acquisitions, among other actions. Likewise, the initiative will follow environmental sustainability criteria through by incorporating green acquisition guidelines to the public contracting electronic system, and by acquiring services, software, and infrastructure with energy efficiency and low carbon footprint criteria.

Having a more efficient and transparent management of public resources that provides timely information and greater control will benefit public officials, companies, and citizens of the country.

This operation is aligned with Vision 2025 – Reinvest in the Americas: A Decade of Opportunity, the IDB’s roadmap to promote the recovery and inclusive growth of Latin America and the Caribbean, in the areas of governance, digital economy, micro, small and medium enterprises, gender and inclusion, and climate change.

The IDB loan of $60 million has a 25-year amortization term, a 6-year grace period, and an interest rate based on SOFR.

IDB is the leading multilateral institution financing and providing technical assistance to transparency, integrity, and corruption control projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. With more than $23 million in technical cooperations approved since 2007 to improve transparency and integrity in the public and private sectors in the region, our member countries have implemented loan programs for more than 2 billion dollars for this agenda. 

About the IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank is a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social and institutional projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Besides loans, grants and guarantees, the IDB conducts cutting-edge research to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to our region’s most pressing challenges. Founded in 1959 to help accelerate progress in its developing member countries, the IDB continues to work every day to improve lives.

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Vieyra,Juan Cruz

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