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IDB announces partner institutions for the 2012 Cultural Development Program

Partner institutions include artistic and cultural institutions and organizations of the Civil Society

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has selected 50 partner institutions to receive financing and technical assistance for cultural development projects in 26 countries. These projects will receive grants under the Cultural Development Program, designed to support artistic and creative endeavors.

The grants were awarded to innovative projects for technical training, art, music and theater instruction for educators. Taking into consideration the diversity of these cultural disciplines, the projects were evaluated for their viability, educational scope, effective use of resources, ability to mobilize additional sources of financing, and long-term impact on the community.

This year, the IDB Cultural Center received 1,004 proposals, from which 513 were preselected by the IDB Country Offices. Then, a Selection Committee at IDB Headquarters awarded grants to 50 projects in 26 countries.

It is important to emphasize the fact that the Cultural Center and the Country Offices become working partners with the institutions responsible for implementing the projects. Both work together to supervise, monitor and guide the projects to achieve optimum results.

The following is a list, by country, of the partner institutions along with the awarded projects, which will be launched this year:


Fundación Tiempos, Instituto de Arqueología y Museo de la Facultad de Ciencias Naturales e Instituto Miguel Lillo, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
Conservation, research and promotion of archaeological textiles, Provincial Museum of Santiago del Estero

Rosario Astronomy Municipal Complex
Rescue of the Qom Community heritage in Rosario, Santa Fe

Fundación Kine Cultural y Educativa
Training workshop on audiovisual language for elementary school teachers


Dance Bahamas School
Revitalization through dance


Barbados Association Drama Educator
Training for teachers at the Caribbean Secondary Schools Drama Festival


The Global Parish Project
Celebrating Creative Expressions: National Poetry Slam and Tour


Fundación Otro Arte para el Diálogo y Desarrollo de las Artes Contemporáneas
White Night 2012, Ajayu Spirit of the City: Cultural tour of historic heritage Center, La Paz

Centro para la Participación y el Desarrollo Humano Sostenible CEPAD
The rescue of Chiquitanians Indigenous cultural traditions through street theater, Concepción


ONG Bagulhadores do MiO
String Art and Literature from the masters, Pernambuco

Associação de Proteção a Maternidade e a Infância APMI/Agência Brasileira de Inovação e Sustentabilidade (ABIS)
Building Dreams, Paraná

Associação Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Narradores Orais e Agentes de Leitura NINA
Oral Traditions: Griot tracks on the “land where the ox has spoken,” Campinas, São Paul


Centro Cultural el Sitio de Yungay
Creative workshop at the School of Arts Fermín Vivaceta, Santiago

Centro Cultural Placilla
Tourism circuit of Placilla Peñuelas, Valparaíso


Fundación Carnaval de Barranquilla
Training and marketing strategies for traditional carnival wood mask carvers, Las Flores, Barranquilla

Corporación Museo La Tertulia
Integration of audiovisual technology as tools of artistic expression for art teachers, Cali

Costa Rica

National University
Reactivation of knowledge production and consumption of under-utilized traditional plants in the Communities of Barva and San Rafael of Heredia

Fundación Villa Franca y Zürcher para la Educación de la Juventud a través del Turismo FVZ
The Rhythm of our Lives: creation of percussion instruments and musical groups for the advancement of local tourism, Islita, Corozalito and Pilas de Bejuco, Nandayure

Dominican Republic

Fundación Teatro Cúcara Mácara
Workshops for young actors and school theater teachers, 3rd Iberoamerican Theater Festival for Children & Youth - FITIJ - 2012, Santo Domingo

Kalalú-Danza Centro de Investigación y Acción Cretiva Afro Caribeña
Dialogue in Diversity: elevation of tolerance values through traditional arts


Fundación Cultural OCHOYMEDIO
2nd Annual Festival: "Ecuador Underground" Ecuadorian audiovisual productions circulating outside mainstream commercial circuits in Manta, Maraví

Asociación Movimiento Mi Cometa
Notes that Break Barriers: sounds that cross borders

El Salvador

Asociación Iniciativa Pro Arte Popular INAR
Integral development and historical heritage recovery: training of teachers in dance and masks manufacture, Suchitoto

Audiovisuales de la Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas AUCA
Support for the design, production and broadcasting of independent audiovisual workers of El Salvador


Teatro de Arte Universitario de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala TAU-USAC
Theater as a teaching tool for teachers of public schools and colleges

Asociación Maya de Estudiantes Universitarios Moloj Mayab' Utijoxelab'Nimatijob'Al
Education and training of community tourist guides network and teachers of rural schools in archaeological sites


University of Guyana, School of Education and Humanities, Department of Language and Cultural Studies
Puppets and stories derived from oral traditions in Regions I, II, III, IV

African Cultural & Development Association ACDA
Drum Renaissance


Compagnie NIFE - Visual Arts and Theatre Company
Socio-cultural and educational workshops

Fondation Festival Film Jakmel Ciné Institute
Ciné Lekol advanced film training workshop: Capturing Haiti´s Oral Histories


Asociación Copán
House K'inich School Museum "Mobile Museum"

Asociación de Mujeres Intibucanas Renovadas AMIR
Cultural entrepreneurship training for the preservation and promotion of the La Gruta Public Space Heritage, La Esperanza, Intibucá


Theatre Arts Learning Aids TALA
Creative Cultural and Economic Development Program for Portmore


Conservación Humana Civil Association CHAC
Empowerment of the Huichol Indigenous people through capacity-building and skills to manage and preserve their cultural and natural Heritage, Zacatecas

Consejo para el Desarrollo Comunitario AC
Urban Art Workshop, Iztapalapa

Patronato de Amigos de la Orquesta de Baja California Civil Association
Music education in Northwest Mexico, Tijuana, Baja California


Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centroamérica IHNA de la Universidad Centroamericana UCA, Campus de la Universidad Centroamericana
Preservation and dissemination of photographic archives of the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast

Fundación "Flavio Galo"
Promoting the teaching of marimba in Managua and other municipalities


Fundación INDICRI
ACAMPADOC- Documentary training camp


Fundación Solidaridad
Seminar on arts and disability: workshop in contemporary dance

Fundación Yvy Pora
Revitalization of Indigenous crafts Angaité of the Paraguayan Chaco


Servicios Educativos El Agustino SEA
Recovery of historical and cultural heritage of East Lima

Alta Tecnología Andina ATA
Saving the Huacas through new technologies to protection and conserve archaeological heritage, Comas


Foundation Warappakreek
Conservation of cultural heritage in Bakkie

Stichting Art Laboratorium Suriname
More Artistic Creativity Leads to a Better Future: Surinamese Orphanages

Trinidad & Tobago

The Diego Martin Emancipation Celebrations Committee
Teaching the traditional Tamboo Bamboo dance

SEPOS Cultural Workshop Inc.
Promotion of local knowledge, culture and tradition


DESEM Jóvenes Emprendedores
Cultural entrepreneurship workshops

Museo de Arte Precolombino e Indígena MAPI
“The Old Town Conquers You:” The City as a Museum


Consejo de Preservación y Desarrollo COPRED de la Universidad Central de Venezuela
Protection of the architectural heritage of Caracas

Fundación Alma de Lara
“Manos al Arte:” educational program to train cultural promoters to revive the diverse traditional forms of Lara State, Barquisimeto

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