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IDB and World Bank jointly launched the 2022 Suriname Survey of Living Conditions

PARAMARIBO - The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank today launched the new 2022 Suriname Survey of Living Conditions. The survey constitutes an opportunity to shape evidence-based policy design in Suriname. The full data and technical documentation are now publicly available on the IDB publication website.

Data is a guiding force for policymakers and plays a pivotal role in informed decision-making. Through our collaborative efforts with the World Bank on the 2022 Suriname Survey of Living Conditions of IDB, we believe this partnership will pave the way for improving lives in Suriname” said IDB’s Country Representative for Suriname, Adriana La Valley.

The 2022 Suriname Survey of Living Conditions - administered to a nationally representative sample, which included 7,713 individuals from 2,540 households - was developed to support poverty analysis as well as policy planning and is a helpful tool for policy makers to facilitate fact-based decision making. The survey’s design and execution were financed by the IDB, while the World Bank and IDB are joining forces to analyze data and produce initial findings. 

Today, the IDB and the World Bank organized a launch event to highlight the potential of the data to inform policy design. The teams presented analysis regarding living conditions across Suriname’s entire national territory. The presentation provided initial key indicators derived from the survey, that will be useful to design better targeted public interventions to support the population of Suriname.

The importance of measuring living conditions and sharing the data cannot be overstated. Surveys such as the Suriname Survey of Living Conditions work in tandem with and support the World Bank’s mandate to end poverty on a livable planet. Data sharing provides a basis for the formulation and implementation of evidence-based policies and interventions, which will ultimately benefit the most vulnerable in Suriname”, said Diletta Doretti, World Bank Resident Representative for Suriname and Guyana.

The IDB and the World Bank invite interested parties to reach out for partnerships on additional exploration of the publicly available data.


Press contact IDB: Geraldine Garcia

Press contact World Bank: Penny Bowen 

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