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The IDB and CAF to Work Together in Key Priority Areas

Institutions sign agreement reinforcing collaboration on project co-financing, citizen security and justice, knowledge dissemination and sustainable management of plastics.

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic — During the Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and IDB Invest, the IDB and CAF signed an agreement to leverage joint efforts in key areas in Latin America and the Caribbean, including co-financing of infrastructure projects, citizen security and justice, knowledge dissemination, and work together in Central America and the Dominican Republic, particularly in the sustainable management of plastics.

Specifically, the IDB and CAF will identify physical and digital infrastructure projects for regional integration, through joint or parallel financing efforts. Additionally, the institutions will collaborate on citizen security and justice initiatives, establishing dialogue platforms and sharing best practices to enhance institutional and community resilience against crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IDB and CAF will engage in knowledge co-creation by conducting studies in areas of mutual interest to influence public policies. They will disseminate findings through seminars, workshops and events to enhance the institutions' visibility in the region and globally. They will collaborate on initiatives in Central America and the Dominican Republic for sustainable plastic management, emphasizing ocean health and promoting sustainable practices and the protection of marine environments.

“As development institutions, our focus should be on working together to enhance the scale and impact of our actions. This new agreement, strategically focuses on key priority sectors, developing joint action plans to drive inclusive, and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean," said Ilan Goldfajn, IDB president.

"Only under a collaborative approach we are able to overcome the large gaps that Latin America and the Caribbean face in relation to other regions. The agreement set-forth between the IDB and CAF highlights the benefits of a cohesive, coordinated, and united region in preparation of the challenges in the years to come, including infrastructure, integration, climate change, citizen security, and digitalization,” said Sergio Díaz-Granados, executive president of CAF.

About the IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank is devoted to improving lives. Established in 1959, the IDB is a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB also conducts cutting-edge research projects and provides policy advice, technical assistance and training to public- and private-sector clients throughout the region. Take our virtual tour.

About CAF

CAF -Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean- promotes sustainable development and regional integration through the financing of public and private sector projects, the provision of technical cooperation and other specialized services. Established in 1970 and currently made up of 21 countries -19 from Latin America and the Caribbean, along with Spain and Portugal- and 13 private banks, it is one of the main sources of multilateral financing and an important generator of knowledge for the region. More information at



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