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Haitian president-elect visits the IDB

The President-elect of Haiti, René Préval,  visited the Inter-American Development Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C., and met with IDB president Luis Alberto Moreno.

Préval and Moreno discussed the social and economic challenges facing Haiti and reviewed the IDB portfolio for the country. Preval, who takes office next May, welcomed all future assistance the Bank can provide to Haiti as he described the priorities of his future administration, including the strengthening of state institutions and capacity for good governance, promoting economic growth and employment, and rapidly expanding access to vital services.

The IDB will continue to adapt its operations to suit Haiti's unique conditions, emphasized Moreno, through the simplified loan and grant administration procedures specially introduced for Haiti. He also said that the IDB Country Office staff will marshall all available resources to expedite project execution and to assist Haitian authorities in improving the government’s capacity to manage foreign assistance.

“It is a watershed moment for Haiti,” Moreno said. “The IDB will do everything in its power to support Haiti’s efforts to meet its citizens’ needs and create new opportunities for employment and growth. We are honored by President Préval’s visit and look forward to working closely with his administration.”

The IDB is Haiti’s principal source of long-term financing. Since its re-engagement in Haiti began in July 2003, the Bank has disbursed US$152 million in loans and grants for projects in transportation, water and sanitation, agriculture, education, health, urban infrastructure rehabilitation, disaster preparedness, job training, community development and public sector reform. As much as US$554 million remain available through the Bank’s existing commitments to Haiti.

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