Haiti to boost transport safety and infrastructure with an IDB donation

The donation from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will allow for the building of more paved roads and the upgrading of departmental ones that link production centers with local markets. It will also promote greater efficiency in the sector: once these public works are completed they will be incorporated into a road maintenance management system, and capacity will be created at the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications.

The project will also support air transport by co-financing the construction and equipping of the control tower at Toussaint Louverture International Airport. These measures will help boost safety and management of Haiti's air space.

Road safety will be enhanced with several measures, including the creation of digital incident maps, statistical tools, digital questionnaires and a mobile app for collecting data. This component will be backed up with the design and implementation of highway safety campaigns.

As part of the project, an assessment of vulnerability to extreme weather events will be carried out to prioritize interventions in the Haiti road network and ensure its resilience. The plan will also finance the repair and construction of bridges on national, departmental and rural roads. 

The program features a pilot program aimed at making transport services better serve the needs of women, including safety issues and creating opportunities for women to work in the sector.

This IDB donation comes in tandem with contributions from other partners such as the European Investment Bank, which will provide $28.9 million, and the European Union with $23.1 million. The government of Haiti will provide a local contribution of $6 million.

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