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Colombia will promote the productivity of companies with IDB support

Program will contribute to the financing of investments of smaller companies in energy efficiency projects and in the creation of a market for the orange economy

Colombia will contribute to the improvement of the productivity of smaller companies (EMT) through financing channeled by Bancoldex, with the support of a conditional credit line for investment projects of $600 million approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) .

The IDB also approved a first operation of $60 million under this line of credit, to scale the financing of EMT investments in energy efficiency projects and contribute to the creation of a financing market for EMTs in the orange economy.

The program will support the strengthening of Bancóldex's financial capacity to expand its offer of medium and long-term financing in the lines of rediscount of “business modernization” aimed at Credit Institutions (EC). These, in their capacity as financial intermediaries, will grant credits to EMTs for asset acquisitions aimed at increasing production capacity, updating business models, or any other type of project that increases their productivity through improving their capacity. to generate higher income.

A pilot will also be implemented that aims to identify factors that allow improving access to financing for EMTs in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly those led by women.

On the other hand, EMT investment in energy efficiency projects will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In this sense, Bancóldex will channel medium and long-term financing to Credit Institutions, so that they, in turn, grant credits to energy efficiency projects presented by EMT from all sectors of the economy.

Bancóldex will implement a new rediscount line that will include the possibility of subloans granted by Credit Institutions to finance working capital in the short, medium and long term, with special terms and conditions. The conceptual framework developed by Bancoldex for the issuance of its orange bonds will serve as the basis for the design of the new rediscount line.

The final beneficiaries of the program will be the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs of all economic sectors of the country, including those identified within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. EMTs will receive sub-loans from the EC, with resources from Bancóldex, to implement investment projects in working capital or fixed assets that promote productivity.

The IDB loan has a repayment term of 25 years, a grace period of 5.5 years, an interest rate based on LIBOR and has a local counterpart of $30 million.

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