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Colombia to implement master plan for sewerage upgrade in Mocoa, Colombia with IDB support

Loan of $30 million to finance improvements in health and environmental conditions for 10,000 households in the Mocoa urban area 

Colombia will undertake a project to implement the first phase of sewage master plan in the municipality of Mocoa with a $30 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). 

The project is part of a comprehensive city recovery plan that the government is carrying out and which includes preventive measures needed to avoid a repetition of the tragedy that Mocoa suffered in 2017. 

The program aims to boost health and environmental conditions in the urban part of the municipality, where 2,000 households will have access to the sewer system for the first time. It will also provide better access to the system for another 8,000 households. 

By the time the project is completed in five years, it is expected that nearly 80% of the waste from these 10,000 homes will be processed in a treatment plant before flowing into the rivers Sangoyaco, Mulato and Mocoa within the urban area of the municipality. 

The project will be executed by the Ministry of Housing, Urban Affairs and Territory, and calls for studies and the design of the construction work, which includes upgrading the sewage master plan in Mocoa. There are also plans to build collectors, interceptors and pumping systems, and install and upgrade connections between homes and the sewer network. The plan will also finance the building and equipping of a waste water plant. 

The plan also features a strengthening of the institutional capacity of the agencies operating the grid as well as health and environmental awareness activities for the local population. This includes hygiene habits, utility payment and connection to the sewer system. 

The loan has an interest rate based on the LIBOR and will be disbursed over a period of five years. The repayment period ends on July 15, 2030.

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