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Capital markets

The IDB launched two $1 billion global bond issues early this year.

The first, dated Jan. 28, pays a semiannual coupon of 5-5/8 percent and matures on Feb. 5, 2004. Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs were the lead joint managers of the issue.

The second issue, completed Feb. 11, pays a semiannual coupon of 5-1/8 percent and matures on Feb. 22, 2001. Goldman Sachs and Warburn Dillon Read were the joint lead managers.

In a related development, the IDB's Finance Department in February announced plans to launch a new short-term borrowing instrument in the form of a Discount Note Program. Credit Suisse First Boston, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch GSI were appointed to arrange the program and help the Bank sell short-term securities in the United States and international money markets.

The Bank will offer the notes for sale on a continuous basis through its dealers in maturities of up to one year.

The program is authorized with a limit of $5 billion. However, it is expected that the issuing volume will initially be considerably smaller.

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