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National Plan – Vision Benefits

National Plan – Vision Benefits
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The vision benefit covers vision care services, including exams, lenses, and frames, in the U.S. and other countries. Cigna Global is your plan administrator for medical, dental and vision services.  

Below you will find relevant information about your plan. 

Cigna Global contact information | Cigna Global Mobile App: Benefits and how to download

Plan Coverage summary

Please explore the Cigna Global website or app, or read these documents:

Doctor/Provider Network

To receive vision care, you will be required to pay for the services received and then file a claim for reimbursement. Please request an itemized bill or detailed receipt from the provider before you file a claim.

In the US, check to be sure your provider is in-network by using the Cigna Health Benefits website ( or mobile app, or by calling the number on your Cigna Global ID card. Be sure to show your Cigna Global ID card to the provider prior to receiving care.

How to Submit a Claim

You can submit a claim for services you paid out of pocket through the Cigna Health Benefits website or mobile app or by postal mail. Claims cannot be filed via email. This is the claim formCigna Global uses the same form for all types of claims.

To help the claim and reimbursement process go smoothly:

  • Make sure to provide all necessary supporting documents, including original, scanned, or photographed itemized bills or detailed receipts, certificates, medical reports, and prescriptions as applicable
  • Keep copies of your itemized bills, detailed receipts, and other claim-supporting documents in case they are needed for verification purposes
  • Include your member ID number on each document submitted with your claim form
  • Provide complete details on the description of the service and the reason for the visit
  • Indicate the country and currency you would like to be reimbursed in. You may elect to be reimbursed in U.S. dollars or the currency of the country where you currently reside. No other options will be approved for IDB Group members. You can select your currency choices in your Cigna Health Benefits profile, so you do not have to enter this information with each claim.

How to Submit a Claim through the Cigna Global Website

  1. Log in to the Cigna Health Benefits website (
  2. Click “Claims” in the menu bar
  3. Click the “Submit a claim” button
  4. Select the member who received care in the drop-down menu and identify whether that member is covered by other insurance and whether the claim is related to an accident
  5. Click the “Next Step” button
  6. Add the invoice date, amount, type of care, and country in which care was given
  7. Click the “Next Step” button
  8. Use the “Choose files” button to add your claim documents (make sure you also add any supporting documents, such as prescription, proof of payment, etc., if required)
  9. When you are finished adding documents, click “Save this invoice”
  10. On the next screen, review the summary of your claim information to ensure it is correct and then click “Submit claim”

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