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National Plan – Medical Benefits

National Plan – Medical Benefits
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The IDB Group medical benefits cover medical services in the U.S. and other countries. The Medical Benefits Program is self-funded. This means that your contributions and the IDB Group’s contributions are what pay for the medical expenses, not an insurance policy. The Medical Benefits Program is funded by contributions from staff, retirees and the IDB Group.

Cigna Global is your plan administrator for medical, dental and vision services. Below you will find relevant information about your plan. 

Cigna Global contact information | Cigna Global Mobile App: Benefits and how to download

Plan Coverage summary

Please read these documents:

Doctor/ Health Provider Network in your Country

To find an in-network provider in your country of residence, you can use the provider search feature on the Cigna Health Benefits website or mobile app, or you can call the number on the front of your Cigna Global ID card. If you are outside your country of residency and require medical care, use the phone number on the front of your card to find providers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or other countries.

Using your Cigna Global ID card on a “flash-the-card” basis/Direct Payment/Provider search

If you use the Cigna Global Website Provider Search on the Cigna Health Benefits website, you will see columns with checkmarks indicating these three categories of providers. Please take note of these categories so you can be prepared in advance for any services you may need:

  1. Direct payment to the provider for inpatient care (including outpatient surgery). If your service will cost less than US$400, you should be able to show your Cigna ID card and the provider will bill Cigna Global directly. If the service or procedure will cost more than US$400, the provider should request a GOP from Cigna Global. You may also initiate the GOP request yourself through your Cigna Global website. 
  2. Direct payment to the provider of outpatient care. These providers will work on a “flash the card” basis. However, for very low dollar value services, you will be expected to pay out of pocket and file for reimbursement. You can click on the provider’s name in your search results to verify the Direct Payment “as from amount” below which you will be expected to pay out of pocket, and over which you should be able to use “flash the card” and the provider will bill Cigna Global directly for your service or procedure.  
  3. Price agreement (e.g., preferential rates, discounts on specific services, prompt payment discounts, etc.). At these providers, you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket for out-patient services and submit a claim for reimbursement, however because Cigna has negotiated rates or discounts, your coinsurance amount will typically be lower.
How to Request a Guarantee of Payment (GOP)

If you choose to visit a provider outside the U.S. or Puerto Rico that is out-of-network with Cigna Global, you may request a one-time Guarantee of Payment prior to seeking services by using the Cigna Health Benefits website or emailing (for non-emergency care) or by calling the number on the front of your ID card (in emergencies). Cigna Global typically will issue your GOP within 48 hours for non-urgent procedures and within two hours for emergencies if the GOP is requested by phone.

If the GOP is accepted by the provider, the provider will bill Cigna Global for the services you receive. If you are unsure whether a provider is in- or out-of-network, you should look up the provider using the Cigna Health Benefits website or mobile app. In the case of admissions, request a GOP so you will know in advance if the provider will bill Cigna Global or if you will be required to pay and file a claim.

In an emergency:

  • You should go directly to the most appropriate physician and/or hospital.
  • Then, as soon as possible, you or your representative should notify Cigna Global of your status.

You can use the phone number on the front of your ID card or the contact information of the appropriate network partner on this page.

Health Providers outside your Country

To access medical services outside your country, use the phone number on the front of your card to find providers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or other countries.

In an emergency, you or your representative should contact Cigna Global using the phone number in the back of your card to get access to the medical facility of your preference in the country you are visiting.

For a list of in-network providers in the US, please explore the Cigna Health Benefits Mobile App or visit If possible, you should try to use in-network providers when in the US.

Out-of-network providers generally:

  • Charge higher rates and co-pays than in-network providers.
  • Charge a balance billing, i.e., charge you an additional amount above what Cigna Global will pay for the services provided.
  • Request you to pay for your services out of pocket and then file a claim with Cigna Global for reimbursement.
  • Important Information about receiving care in the U.S. or Puerto Rico
ID Card Replacement

Please visit Cigna Global’s website or app to request a new card, print a physical card or obtain a digital one. 

How to Submit a Claim

You can submit a claim for services you paid out of pocket through the Cigna Health Benefits website or mobile app or by postal mail. Claims cannot be filed via email. This is the claim form. Cigna Global uses the same form for all types of claims.


Please note that Cigna Global has provided a U.S. address to mail your claim documents:
Cigna Claim Processing
P.O. Box 451989
Sunrise, Florida 33345

You may also submit claims to the Belgium address on the claim form.
Cigna Claim Processing
P.O. Box 69, 
2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

To help the claim and reimbursement process go smoothly:

  • Make sure to provide all necessary supporting documents, including original, scanned, or photographed itemized bills or detailed receipts, certificates, medical reports, and prescriptions as applicable
  • Keep copies of your itemized bills, detailed receipts, and other claim-supporting documents in case they are needed for verification purposes
  • Include your member ID number on each document submitted with your claim form
  • Provide complete details on the description of the service and the reason for the visit
  • Indicate the country and currency you would like to be reimbursed in. You may elect to be reimbursed in U.S. dollars or the currency of the country where you currently reside. No other options will be approved for IDB Group members. You can select your currency choices in your Cigna Health Benefits profile, so you do not have to enter this information with each claim.

How to Submit a Claim through the Cigna Global Website

  1. Log in to the Cigna Health Benefits website (
  2. Click “Claims” in the menu bar
  3. Click the “Submit a claim” button
  4. Select the member who received care in the drop-down menu and identify whether that memberis covered by other insurance and whether the claim is related to an accident
  5. Click the “Next Step” button
  6. Add the invoice date, amount, type of care, and country in which care was given
  7. Click the “Next Step” button
  8. Use the “Choose files” button to add your claim documents (make sure you also add any supporting documents, such as prescription, proof of payment, etc., if required)
  9. When you are finished adding documents, click “Save this invoice”
  10. On the next screen, review the summary of your claim information to ensure it is correct and then click “Submit claim”

Visit the following documents for more information:

Medical Assistance When Traveling

In a medical emergency, seek medical care and then contact Cigna Global using the number on the front of your ID card if you need assistance. 

There are more resources for whenever you need assistance while traveling on official mission travel (including personal travel for up to 14 days when in conjunction with official mission travel). These include identity theft, travel medical aid, and emergency travel aid for all staff. 

Please review the information provided on the Travel Portal on the ePortal. Contact information is as follows: 

AIG Travel Guard 


Other Helpful Documents
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  • National Plan members traveling in the Region can find local providers by contacting Cigna Global at or by phone (number shown above or on the back of your ID card). 
  • While visiting the US, National Plan members must show / bring their Cigna Global card with them to receive medical, dental, vision and prescription drugs services.  
  • Actively manage any chronic conditions to keep them from becoming more serious. 
  • Take advantage of the preventive care coverage and case management services offered by Cigna Global. 
  • Choose in-network health providers when in the U.S. This can result in significant savings for you and the Medical Program! 
  • Choose telemedicine, Urgent Care facilities (UCFs) or in the U.S., Retail Clinics (e.g., CVS Minute Clinics) instead of the Emergency Room (ER) when appropriate. 
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