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Business Partner Portal

Business Partner Portal

Learn how to manage your information and account in the Business Partner Portal using the following guides

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Welcome to the Business Partner Portal. This tool provides a streamlined and effective onboarding experience for our Clients and Vendors. The platform simplifies the data input process through a comprehensive, step-by-step procedure, and displays relevant information based on the unique requirements of each business partner. ​​

We cordially invite you to take a glimpse of our Business Partner Portal through this video.

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How to set up your account - Government Institutions
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How to set up your account – Individuals
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How to set up your account – Organizations
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Edit your profile
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How to submit an invoice for payments
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How can I register my company to do business with the IDB
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How to manage user’s access to your account
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How do I request support?

Please send us an email to ExtranetSupport@IADB.ORG 

What documents do I need to complete the registration process?

You need to submit proof of identity and bank Information. Click here to see the list of valid documents you will need either if you are an individual or an organization. 

What happen if my registration email expires?

If your registration email has expired, please request a new invitation from your IDB contact person via email.

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