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Gobernarte 2015
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Winners Documents

Five initiatives from the municipal governments of Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Venezuela were selected as the winners of the Inter-American Development Bank’s contest, Gobernarte 2015: Eduardo Campos Award.

The third iteration of the contest, that acknowledges the best and most innovative practices in public administration at the subnational level, had two categories this year: “Cities and big data” and “Cities and registry of persons”. IADB received 95 initiatives from Latin America and the Caribbean cities.

Two panels of internationally renowned experts were in charge of evaluating and selecting the winning initiatives in each category, taking into account guidelines related to the impact, sustainability, innovation and scaling up of the projects.

These are the Gobernarte 2015’s winners:

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Você SBC – Participatory Urban Maintenance, Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo (Sao Paulo, Brazil):

This system enables a participatory public management of 114 services that helps improve the design of policies. The system receives data from diverse sources of information provided by municipalities, technicians, prosecutors and enterprises as well as from a mobile mapping.

Smart Fortaleza and Urban Mobility, Municipality of Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil):

With the support of Citinova (Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation), by using big data to analyze the mobility of pedestrians and vehicles, Fortaleza has developed a strategy to reduce commuting time and make a more comfortable public transport.

On-line Civil Registry, Municipality of Baruta (Miranda, Venezuela):

the system enables citizens to manage different procedures from anywhere in the least amount of time.

National Plan for the Eradication of Underegistration, Municipality of Antigua Guatemala, (Sacatepéquez, Guatemala):

a devoted staff to combat underegistration through technology, specifically with an application for early warning of births used by midwives.

Brigadas Móviles, Municipio de Guayaquil (Guayas, Ecuador):

the project could implement the access to services of registry in regions that were traditionally vulnerable thanks to a well-equipped vehicle which issues identity documents as well as other related paperwork.
Finally, the category “Cities and registry of people” closed with three winning municipalities.

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