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Initiatives Modernization of State

Building state capacity to strengthen rule of law and deliver better citizen services.

Personas en centro de atención al usuario. Reforma y Modernización del estado - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
Modernization of the State Sector Framework
Security and Justice Evidence-based Platform
Evidence Platform in Security and Justice

Access the Evidence Bank, the first repository of evidence-based security and justice solutions in Spanish and Portuguese. Discover types of solutions and concrete cases that have truly worked to reduce crime, violence, and insecurity. 

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Investment Map

An initiative that promotes, through digital platforms, the transparency of public spending, public investment and public contracting in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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NSO Survey

Making National Statistical Offices work better. See evidence from a survey of 13300 National Statistic Office (NSO) Employees in 14 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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Financial Transparency Infoguide

This guide provides resources and updates on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing in Latin America & the Caribbean. 

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Gobernarte contest

The purpose of the Gobernarte contest of the Inter-American Development Bank is to identify, reward, support and disseminate public management initiatives of sub-national governments such as states, provinces, departments, municipalities or other equivalent denominations in Latin America and the Caribbean.   

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CyberLac Network

The Network of Excellence in Cybersecurity for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cyberlac Network) is a regional network of universities and research centers in the field of cybersecurity. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) acts as the driving and coordinating institution for the Network. 

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A quick-to-understand digital government solution that allows for public procedures to be carried out in the cloud without the need for physical interaction between officials and citizens, all while ensuring the continuity of operations. 

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A pen pointing at a graph. Inclusive development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB

Digital solution for analysis of macro fiscal data and the provision by the IDB of technical advice to Ministries of Finance, Economy and Finance to inform decision-making and strategic planning exercises. 

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Fiscal management for sustainable and inclusive development

The IDB's Fiscal Division works closely with member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean strengthening their fiscal policy and management at both the national and subnational levels, to achieve equitable and sustainable growth.

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Financial Markets

Working with the public sector to design funding solutions that mobilize private investments and ensure inclusive and sustainable development.

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