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Team and Contact
FINLAC - Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Team and Contact


FINLAC brings together experts from different fields related to financial inclusion.

Do you have questions or comments about FINLAC? Do not hesitate to contact the initiative team at

Gallagher, Terence Liam

Head of Financial Inclusion

Herrera Falla,Diego Mauricio

Lead Specialist in the Connectivity

Zarate Moreno,Ana Maria

Senior Operations Associate in the

Navajas Orellana,Adalid Sergio

Senior Specialist, BID Lab

Parrado Herrera,Eric Charles

Chief Economist & Grl Mgr

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Vera Cossio,Diego Alejandro

Economics Sr Specialist

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Lima De Moraes,Vitoria

Operations Associate in the Resourc

Aldaz Guallart,Miguel

Operations Lead Specialist

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