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Study cases
Study Cases
A city surrounded by trees and a river - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Phase 1: Screening and Classification Phase 2: Qualitative Assessment Phase 3: Quantitative Assessment Risk Management Plan
Plan-de-adaptacion-a-inundaciones-3-IDB-Santo-Domingo Plan de adaptación a inundaciones influenciadas por el cambio climático: Ciudad Colonial de Santo Domingo: República Dominicana
Including-climate-change-1-IDB-Honduras Including climate change in the hydrological analysis for the layout and design of transport infrastructure: Methodological guide and implementation in 33 vehicular bridges in Haiti ​
Flood-risk-in-wetlands-of-Asuncion-1-IDB-Paraguay Flood risk in wetlands of Asuncion: effects of climate change
Climate Change Basics

Terms of Reference  for DRA and DRMP

Disaster Risk Management in Multiple Works Operations

Mitigation Options

Disaster and Climate Change Risk Methodology
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