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Sector Framework Environment and Natural Resources
Environment and Natural Resources Management

Creating sustainable development by promoting responsible stewardship of environmental and natural resources management in Latin American and the Caribbean

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Environment and Natural Resources Management Initiatives

The Environment and Biodiversity Sector Framework Document (SFD) orients the IDB’s work on policies and actions for environmental sustainability. The SFD seeks to address cross-cutting environmental challenges with a holistic approach that recognizes the linkages between the environment, economic growth, and social inclusion. To achieve high levels of environmental sustainability, evidence shows countries must:  

enhance their supply and protection of ecosystem services, which are an engine of economic growth and sustainable livelihoods, especially for the most marginalized populations  

reduce environmental pollution and degradation to improve the health and quality of life of their inhabitants  

improve their environmental governance systems to promote policy coherence and access to environmental information.  

The Latin American and Caribbean region has abundant natural capital wealth held in its terrestrial, coastal, and marine ecosystems. Therefore, the region’s natural capital is one of its greatest assets; and if harnessed effectively, a powerful engine of sustainable economic development.  

This SFD presents information on the status of LAC terrestrial, coastal, and marine ecosystems, the services they provide, and the effectiveness of instruments to tackle the main challenges of the region:  

Environment and Biodiversity Sector Framework Document

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