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Basic Skills

Basic Skills

Guaranteeing that every student receives a quality education that equips them for a lifelong journey of learning

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There is foundational knowledge that allows a person to keep learning throughout their life. The basic skills that provide us the capability to keep learning are reading, mathematics, and science. These three subjects overlap and are essential in a student’s learning journey. For example, a young adult cannot write an email if they did not learn to form sentences. 

A wall with paper and writing. Innovation - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB

Let's All Learn to Read is a program of the Inter-American Development Bank that aims to enhance reading and writing skills in children from preschool to third grade. The program ensures a top-notch initial literacy process. Its success relies on its innovative methodology, which is grounded on scientific evidence and promotes effective classroom practices. More than 1,192,000 students and 62,000 teachers from schools in Colombia, Panama, and Brazil have benefited. 

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Content available in Spanish only

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Multimodal materials

It has innovative multimodal materials that incorporate formative assessment alternatives.

Redefines the role of the teacher

As a fundamental actor in the process of teaching initial literacy. By exalting this role, we can ensure students are equipped with the skills to succeed in life.

Spanish and Portuguese

Governments and the educational community in general can take advantage of the program, as it is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Learning Math and Science is fundamental for success in school and life. The IDB invests in the development of pedagogical models; the strengthening of teachers’ classroom practices and Math and Science content knowledge; and assessment instruments that appropriately reflect the results and objectives towards which we aspire.  

A person and children sitting on the floor. Science - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB All Children Count

Discover what works in early math and science education in Latin America and the Caribbean. Download the publication.

A person holding a piece of paper with a child in the background. Innovation and Inclusion - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Tikichuela Boosts Math Skills

Finland selected one hundred educational projects as the worlds most innovative and inspiring. Tikichuela early math education in Paraguay was one of them. Learn more about Tickichuela.

A woman looking through a microscope. Technology and Knowledge - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB The Sky’s The Limit: Girls in Math and Science

Few women chose careers in engineering, programming and mathematics. These are precisely the careers that have the highest returns in the labor market. Learn more about how the IDB is addressing these challenges.

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A map of Latin America. Development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB

Accelerate Learning aims to implement remote tutoring as a cost-effective tool to accelerate learning in the new normal. At the IDB, we promote the development of remote tutoring pilots to accelerate learning as part of the educational recovery strategy in the region. We have supported 8 jurisdictions in the region to develop tutoring models adapted to their contexts and realities. 

A child wearing headphones raising her hand in front of a laptop. Digital transformation - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Accelerate learning: remote tutoring as cost-effective tools
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