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Addressing Common Challenges in LAC cities through Urban Innovation and Knowledge Sharing
To equip local and national urban counterparts to effectively tackle common urban regional challenges through capacity building activities, knowledge sharing and innovation in LAC cities.The specific objectives are: (i) Identify common urban challenges establishing connections between practitioners and existing solutions, as well as best practices in the field; (ii) Promote capacity building opportunities and networking activities for city leaders and municipal officials to straighten urban management; (iii) Disseminate cutting-edge knowledge related to urban innovation to strengthen city management and leadership; (iv) Support cities in developing pilots to experiment, test, and eventually scale innovative urban solutions; (v) Mentor and support innovative urban projects' preparation, implementation, and evaluation; (vi) Facilitate multistakeholder and multilevel coordination to streamline innovative urban solutions; (vii) Strengthen the value proposition of the only single service platform offering knowledge generation, networking opportunities, and technical assistance focusing specifically on the needs and priorities of Latin American and Caribbean cities; (viii) Promote synergies with partner institutions and public counterparts, connecting city leaders, city officials, practitioners, and academics to identify solutions, best practices, common challenges and opportunities to promote sustainable urban development.

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Technical Cooperation





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USD 500,000.00

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USD 500,000.00

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Apr. 16, 2024

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