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Mexican Facility for Integration Infrastructure in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean (MEXINFINT)
The general objective of this facility is to deepen the productive integration of Mesoamerican and Caribbean countries through the strengthening of integration infrastructure, cross-border connectivity and regional integration corridors. This includes roads, ports, airports, border crossings and their multimodal logistics interconnectivity, and energy and telecommunications connectivity, among others. The specific objectives are: i) To facilitate the mobilization and leverage of more IDB resources committed to investment in strategic integration infrastructure projects for Mesoamerican and Caribbean countries through IDB loans and grants with support from borrowing member countries and donors; ii) Strengthen regulatory and procedural frameworks and harmonize them among countries so that integration infrastructure projects can function seamlessly among them and realize the full potential of their economic and social returns; Strengthen the institutional capacities of public- and private-sector operators of integration infrastructure.

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Project Number


Approval Date


Project Status


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Lending Instrument


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Facility Type

FFG (Facility Financing for Grants)

Environmental Classification

Likely to cause mostly local and short-term negative environmental and associated social impacts and for which effective mitigation measures are readily available

Total Cost

USD 3,000,000.00

Country Counterpart Financing

USD 0.00

Original Amount Approved

USD 3,000,000.00

Financial Information

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Other Documents
Acuerdo de Línea de Crédito Condicional - Chile -Programa de Construcción del Túnel Internacional Paso de Agua Negra.pdf
Published May. 30, 2018

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Published 2023
The Integration of the Amazon Region: 14,000 km of Opportunities
The Amazon Summit (August 8 and 9) represents a remarkable historical moment by bringing together dignitaries from Amazonian countries, local communities and key stakeholders in the search for solutions to the multidimensional challenges of this vital region renowned for its biodiversity and critical role in global climate regulation. This meeting eloquently highlights the powerful tool
Published 2023
La integración de la Amazonía, 14.000 km de oportunidades
La Cumbre Amazónica del 8 y 9 de agosto representa un momento histórico al reunir a dignatarios de países amazónicos, comunidades locales y referentes de todos los sectores en la búsqueda de soluciones para los desafíos multidimensionales de esta región tan reconocida por su biodiversidad y su papel vital en la regulación climática global. Este
Published 2023
Empresas digitales del futuro: nuevas fronteras en servicios compartidos de energía y telecomunicaciones
¿Te has preguntado alguna vez cómo se podrían combinar la energía eléctrica y las telecomunicaciones para mejorar la infraestructura en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC)? Ciertamente existe mucha sinergia en varios países de la región para ambos sectores. Por ello, el próximo 19 de abril a las 14:00 (ET) el BID, en colaboración con
Published 2023
From Ports to Innovation Ecosystems: A Critical Transformation
Ports in Latin America still largely follow the typical industrial model, functioning as maritime terminals in the sea-land interface and with a greater focus on managing concessions and their own infrastructure. Some of the more modern ports also act as transportation and distribution centers. Today, for ports to play a truly instrumental role in integration
Published 2023
How to Support Productive Internationalization in Latin America?
Latin American countries are known to experience difficulties in integrating into the international economy. Numerous studies bear witness to this while recommending various policies to promote the advancement of productive internationalization in the region. Despite their potential benefits, the recommended policies can only be implemented in the presence of certain state capacities, which differ depending
Published 2024
Economia do Comportamento para Melhores Políticas Públicas
Prazo de inscrição: 27 de Agosto, 2024Nos últimos anos, cada vez mais governos e formuladores de políticas têm percebido que, para serem verdadeiramente bem-sucedidas, as políticas públicas devem considerar a forma como os indivíduos se comportam e tomam decisões. Com essa premissa, este curso se propõe a ensinar os conceitos fundamentais da economia do comportamento e como estes diferem da visão do modelo econômico tradicional. O curso também introduz ferramentas que podem ajudar a promover a tomada de melhores decisões e apresenta casos reais de intervenções em que esses “empurrões” foram usados para aprimorar as políticas públicas em países da América Latina e de outras partes do mundo.
Published 2023
Despegan nuevas oportunidades en aeropuertos de Bolivia
Cuando estamos por tomar un avión, hay muchos pensamientos que invaden nuestras mentes, desde la alegría del viaje y destino por delante hasta el temor de cualquier accidente que nos hace rezar al despegar. Sin embargo, pocos solemos pensar en cómo se coordinan los aterrizajes y despegues, y en la tecnología necesaria para cumplir esta
Published 2023
La vital transformación de los puertos en ecosistemas de innovación
El puerto en América Latina, en general, responde todavía al modelo industrial típico de las terminales marítimas de la interfase de mar-tierra, solo enfocado en la gestión de concesiones e infraestructura propia. En los casos más adelantados, se suma el papel de centro de transporte y distribución. Pero hoy, para ser un verdadero instrumento vital
Published 2023
¿Por qué necesitamos mejores regulaciones para lograr mejores resultados de política pública?
¿Has percibido cómo las regulaciones inciden sobre casi todos los aspectos del funcionamiento de las sociedades modernas? Diariamente, vemos discusiones sobre regulaciones de las redes sociales, del sistema financiero, del uso de la inteligencia artificial y otros temas que afectan directamente nuestras vidas. Son las regulaciones las que establecen las reglas del juego para la
Published 2020
Sustainable and Digital Infrastructure for the Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean: A Roadmap to More Jobs, Integration and Growth
Effectively fighting the pandemic requires thorough understanding of the gaps in public policies that governments must address. To this end, Bank experts have recently drafted two documents aimed at helping to diagnose the situation each government in the region is facing and identify immediate actions to mitigate the consequences (Public Policy to Tackle Covid-19: Recommendations for Latin America and the Caribbean'', IDB 2020), as well as identify actions in public policies necessary to face the period of economic recovery once the severe health crisis has been overcome (''Exiting the pandemic tunnel with growth and equity: A strategy for a new social compact in Latin America and the Caribbean'', IDB 2020). This document complements the Bank's vision with respect to actions needed for post-pandemic economic recovery, focusing on investment in infrastructure as a mechanism to drive job creation, regional integration, and inclusive environmentally sustainable economic growth.
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