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Video documentary on violence in Latin America to be previewed March 15 at IDB Annual Meeting

PARIS -- The Inter-American Development Bank will offer a press screening on March 15 of a television documentary that illustrates the magnitude of violence in Latin America and the Caribbean and its cost in terms of economic, social, and human development.
Titled "From Rage to Recovery: Societies Search for Peace," the video seeks to awaken the consciousness of communities, the private sector, nongovernment organizations, and governments of the region to the importance of dealing with the deeply rooted problem of violence in the Western Hemisphere. The video is designed to encourage debate and preventive activities to reduce violence.
The documentary produced by the IDB includes interviews with children, youth, and citizens who are both victims and participants in violence, as well as with community leaders, government officials, and experts. The testimony illustrates successful instances of prevention, especially at the municipal and community level.
The screening on Monday March 15, will take place from 3 to 4 p.m. in Room 54 of the Palais des Congrès. After projection of the 15-minute video, Mayra Buvinic, chief of the IDB Social Programs Division, will give a brief presentation, backed by data, that will show that although violence is a serious problem for the region, it is also preventable.
There will be a question and answer period and distribution of reports on the subject.

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