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Uruguay to launch program to fight violent crimes against persons and property with IDB support

Focus on reducing theft in Montevideo, domestic and juvenile crime in the Marconi, Casavalle quarters 

Uruguay will implement a program to fight theft and domestic and juvenile violence with help from a $6 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

In order to combat theft in Montevideo, the program will promote both deterrence and prevention programs.

The deterrence element will include training 1,100 police officers in community relations, dissuasion and problem solving. Crime prevention will be pursued by training 650 officers from Montevideo’s 25 precincts on dispute resolution and other related issues. The program will also strengthen criminal analysis and investigation techniques, providing training as well as computing hardware and software.

In order to reduce domestic and juvenile violence, the program will implement integral prevention strategies in two quarters, Marconi and Casavalle. Working with local actors, it will strengthen "Pelota al Medio a la Esperanza," a program designed to put recreation time to good use and deter school desertion; implement interventions to prevent partner violence; promote social and work reintegration of ex-convicts; create safe urban spaces; and finance violence-prevention micro-initiatives within local communities.

It will also support the creation of Uruguay’s Applied Criminology Center in order to stimulate the use of scientific evidence in security policy decision-making.

The $6 million IDB loan is for a 25-year term, with 5.5 years of grace, at a LIBOR-based interest rate. It includes an additional $2 million in local counterpart funds.

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