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"Disclosure was fundamental. We didn't try to hide or mislead the markets."

Guillermo Ortiz, Mexican Minister of Finance, in reply to the question "What was the single most important lesson you learned during the peso crisis?"; quoted in The Wall Street Journal, October 29.


"People set higher standards for women in politics... It's important for young women leaders to know there is no way you are going to make it as a leader without making mistakes, but you must learn to brush them off."

Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, former prime minister of Dominica, quoted in The Christian Science Monitor, October 8.


" is the most important change in our system of administering justice in the last 100 years."

Chilean Justice Minister Soledad Alvear, quoted in La Nación on September 9, following President Eduadro Frei's proposal for a constitutional reform that would separate responsibility for charging and investigating crimes from that of judging and sentencing. Under the current system, the same judge can perform all those functions.


"For those of us who surf the Web from Spanish-speaking countries, cyberspace can feel like a terribly Anglophile place... Nevertheless, powerful winds of change are giving new idiomatic turns to our explorations."

Revista Interr@, Chile, September 1997, in an article on the growth of Spanish-language content on the World Wide Web.

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