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President of Paraguay visits IDB headquarters

The new president of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte Frutos, highlighted at IDB headquarters that an ethical government and a relevant social agenda are critical to strengthening democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Duarte Frutos spoke to Bank executives, representatives of the 46 IDB member countries and other high officials of the Inter-American system during a visit to IDB headquarters in Washington, D.C. The Paraguayan president, who took office August 15, 2003, reaffirmed health, education, security and investment as the priorities for his new five-year administration.

The president of the IDB, Enrique V. Iglesias, welcomed Duarte Frutos and underlined the institution’s willingness to support Paraguay’s social progress and its commitment with transparency, efficiency and reform of the State.

During his visit to the IDB, Duarte Frutos also inaugurated a display of Paraguayan indigenous art showcased in the headquarters’ building atrium.

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