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Peru will improve crime prevention services with IDB support

Program will benefit several of the urban districts most vulnerable to crime and violence, through the improvement in the capacity of the National Police stations and the effectiveness of strategic police intelligence

Peru will implement an improvement program for crime prevention services in the urban population most vulnerable to crime and violence with a $40 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The program will benefit the citizens of several districts that reside and transit in areas of high crime concentration, by strengthening the Ministry of Interior with special attention to the National Police and the Intelligence Directorate of the National Police. In addition, community organizations, youth and women participating in the programs in the jurisdictions of the police stations will benefit.

Peru has as a priority the improvement of citizen security. Among the initiatives underway, the multisectoral strategy of Barrio Seguro stands out, which contains actions to improve citizen participation, protect the rights of citizens, and ensure coexistence in vulnerable neighborhoods. Barrio Seguro prioritizes its approach in urban districts where the highest rate of crime and violent incidents is concentrated.

The program will improve police effectiveness in prevention tasks, financing the training and awareness of police personnel in methodologies for identification, analysis and approach to security problems with a community police approach. An information system will also be designed and implemented in police stations with a focus on community patrol service for the generation, analysis and monitoring of data aimed at strengthening crime prevention tasks.

Additionally, it is planned to support activities to strengthen the intelligence function of the Intelligence Directorate of the National Police (DIRIN). Among the activities, specialized guidelines and training will be developed for DIRIN police officers in strategic analysis and operational tactical analysis.

With this program it is hoped to strengthen the attention services and community participation programs of the police stations to improve the public perception of the National Police, the social prevention of violence and the reduction of crime. This component will have community preventive programs for children, adolescents, youth and women, to address crime risk factors through accountability, transparency and citizen participation mechanisms.

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