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New IDB exhibit highlights Colombia’s indigenous cultures

“CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity” features contemporary Colombian artists at the IDB Cultural Center.

In a world that celebrates interculturality, indigenous cultures are more relevant and yet more endangered than ever. Their ancestral richness, their cultural diversity and their call to action for environmental preservation are some of the reasons behind the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) celebration of their unique contribution to the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Starting on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 the IDB Cultural Center will host CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity, an exhibition that highlights the cultural vision of the indigenous peoples of Colombia through the lens of a group of prominent Colombian artists, some of them of native origins.

 “The IDB’s Cultural Center seeks to present a contemporary vision through the art of world views of the native populations. They often tend to be shown as elements that exists in the past and not as living entities, full of wealth and a source of precious knowledge,” said Trinidad Zaldívar, Chief of the IDB’s Creativity and Culture Unit.

The exhibit showcases the work of artists Aldibey Jaidiber Tálaga Camayo, Danilo Rojas, Jorge Panchoaga, León David Cobo, Luz Lizarazo, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Miler Lagos, Monika Bravo and Rosa Ximena Tisoy Tandioy.

This exhibition reflects the IDB’s commitment to the recognition of the incomparable role of indigenous peoples. The Bank works to create conditions in which these populations can grow in harmony with their surroundings, fulfilling their cultural, natural and social potential.

CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity was possible thanks to the generosity and partnership of the Colombian Embassy to the United States, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, the Government of Colombia, The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, The Colombian Family Welfare Institute, The PLAN Foundation and the De Cero a Siempre Initiative.

The IDB Cultural Center is in downtown Washington, D.C. at 1300 New York Ave, NW, near the White House. This space promotes creativity, innovative art and ideas that address concerns related to development, integration, collaboration, and sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Register for the free public reception here.

CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity was co-curated by Manuela Reyes and Trinidad Zaldívar.

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