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MIF approves $10,469,000 to support private sector in Latin America

The Multilateral Investment Fund today announced the approval of an equity investment and grants totaling $10,469,000 to promote the private sector in Latin America, primarily in the areas of small and medium-sized business, agricultural enterprises, venture capital, and competitiveness in the apparel sector.

The financing is as follows:

Chile − $3 million investment and $57,000 grant for the Negocios Regionales Investment Fund to promote the development of small enterprises outside of the Metropolitan Region.

Colombia − $1.9 million grant to help establish business service centers that will simplify and consolidate rules, procedures, and steps involved in business formalization and registration.

Colombia − $1,112,000 grant to the Fundación Carvajal to assist Isabella grape producers in the Cauca Valley in the areas of promotion, management, technology, and consolidation of the production chain.

El Salvador − $850,000 grant to the Cámara Agropecuaria y Agro industrial de El Salvador to improve competitiveness and market access of small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture and agroindustry.

Honduras − $1.1 million grant to Asociación Hondureña de Maquiladores improve health and safety conditions for workers, create an in-service training system and upgrade employee skills.

Nicaragua – $700,000 grant to strengthen the Instituto Nicaragüense de Agua y Alcantarillada as an effective regulator of the water and sanitation sector.

Regional − $1,750,000 grant to Endeavor Chile to develop entrepreneurial capacity in three countries by applying an innovative method and a dynamic for creating new ventures in various sectors by taking advantage of new technologies.

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